How do proportion and scale of the environment affects human beings?
How do people relate to the surroundings?
Are those behaviours a reaction to a certain space?

I have the habit of moving around, observing people and how they live or engage spaces. One day I noticed that I never stop watching, so I decided to always have a camera with me. I never go out without my camera. I can’t even go out to the mini market to get milk without a camera.

This is a report of how men interact with the city, or more likely a peek on my constant observations.


Being a discreet person, I’m not always in the mood for photographing people closely. Sometimes, though, I feel I have some connection with them, the few times when they are not hiding in their phones.

Some other times I think their faces just don’t express enough and maybe their body parts tell a lot more and I take their portraits without their faces.



Without my camera I couldn’t survive a beach day.



I’m hooked on watching and exploring the cities, forgetting the existence of people, following only the shapes of the building, the geometry of weird street lines or dark, melancholic islamic-shaped doors in a cold winter night in Rome.




I approach the outdoors in the same manner as I do with the urban environment. I look for a sign in the land, often geometric, and reduce the elements to a minimum. Not the bare minimum though; I like my signs to be noticeable, at least by me.